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Welcome to My Little Chameleon website.

My name is Joanna. It is thanks to my little daughter that I have started painting on her clothes. Her daddy and I like to call her funny names, different every time her mood changes or when she does something weird and we make up a story about it. This is from where I got the idea to paint on her sleepsuits. All the joke names couldn't be found on baby clothes available in shops, so I decided to make them myself. Now the pictures remind us of past events and make us laugh. 

On further pages you will find more information about how I could make those special stories behind your baby's nickname to appear on his/her clothing. Or maybe it is not a nickname you would like to see on the clothes? Whatever it will be, you can be sure that it will be unique! Just like your beloved...

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  • "Hi Joanna, You are a star :)) it looks perfect, thank you so much for good job."
  • "I got a babygrow for my little boy Callum we nicknamed him Callum Bear so the babygrow had a lovely hand painted bear and Callum Bear underneath it was so cute on him he's now w..."